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Video Testimonials & Press

1 Elegant Event Testimonials

Oksana & Daryl Trawick

Fairhope, Alabama Wedding 

Kenneshia & Derrick Avant

Destination Wedding in Azul Beach Riviera Maya Resort in Mexico 

Noah and Aaron Miller

Founder's Inn and Spa

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Tiffani & Kyle Hermoso

Limitless Wedding Venue / the former Noah's Event Venue

Chesapeake, Virginia 

Keisha and Kevan Dozier

Mardi Gra Wedding

Government Plaza Mobile, Alabama

Mr. & Mrs. Soni

The Grand Hotel & Spa Autograph Hotel

Point Clear, Alabama 

Mr. & Mrs. Ogenenyere & Leslie (Charla) Okhirkhian

Sandbridge, Virginia Beach Wedding

Tamra and Xavier Reid

Langley Air Force Base

Hampton, Virginia

Jessica and Daniel Wilson

Fort Conde Wedding Mobile, AL

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I Do Bridal in

Mobile AL & Montgomery AL & any LaRobe Boutique 

Jessica & Michael Hicks

Virginia Beach, Virginia Oceanfront Wedding

Oceanaire Hotel Resort

(unfortunately this venue no longer does weddings) 

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Lynessa and Cedrick Bailey

Daphne Civic Center Wedding

Mobile, Alabama

Yasmine & George

Chesapeake, Virginia

Sue & Stanley

Tent Wedding On Their Private Family Land

Foley, Alabama

Real Story From A 1 Elegant Event Bride,

I am a very hands-on, creative, DIY, do my own research, make my own decisions kind of gal. I know what I want, I know what I'm looking for, and I know better than anybody else, dammit!


Okay, so maybe not. See, we hired a wedding planner. It was one of the first things we did, because I know that I can get distracted, and I tend not to follow up on things. So I knew that if the wedding was to run at all smoothly, we'd be better off paying someone to take care of things like calling vendors, asking the questions I'd forget about, and wrangling me — keeping me to a schedule, etc.

My family lives out of state and isn't up for the task of helping me plan, and while I do have two amazing, type-A friends, I've seen them absolutely WRECK themselves at other friends' weddings, and I couldn't do that to them again. I also had a good idea of the value of a wedding planner. So hiring one was something I felt comfortable with.

Mind you, I thought that I would just be directing all my preferred vendors to my planner, and that they would then just coordinate meetings and stuff. I didn't expect my planner to actually make suggestions. In my mind, I wasn't paying her for her opinion — I just needed someone to keep me on track, not cramp my style.

Are ya' feeling me? I'm a girl who knows what I want!

So I was a little peeved at first when my planner started suggesting alternate vendors…

"That caterer's cost is a little too high… how about these guys?"

"Have you looked into ______ photographer yet? They're really wonderful people to work with."

"Have you thought about doing _________?"

"We have a resource for getting ___________."

And on and on… I was getting irritated...

One day I had plans to meet with a caterer and a photographer and my planner tagged along, and Cossie brought with her a second photographer for us to meet with afterwards. The moment the amazing, Cossie, the best wedding planner-picked this husband and wife photography team who commented on my TARDIS-blue nail polish,

I was sold — SOLD, I tell you — on a photographer that I would never known about if it wasn't for my planner.

The best part? The photographers are Eight... Hundred.... Dollars... Less than the not-too-pricy photographer I was dead-set on. $800 is no small amount of dough.

Holy cow, did my wedding coordinator just paid for herself in my savings and then saved me an additional $2,550? Yes, yes she did.

Then my planner convinced me to talk to a different caterer. The first caterer I picked had a quote of $37.50 per person (alcohol not included, that was another $35 per person). Which I thought that was a fair price…

The second caterer? Can I tell you how much I love this woman? We had a tasting with her. She is SUPER AMAZING! And because she isn't as "established" as my first choice, (meaning the caterer completely ran someone else's company for years and finally decided to venture on her own) and guess what? Her catering was totally cheaper. $1750 cheaper.

Holy cow, did my wedding coordinator just pay for herself in my saving and then saved me an additional $2,550?

Yes, yes she did.

We are paying our planner/coordinator $3000. So, at this point, getting a planner has saved our budget $1000 plus covered her $3000 fee. Our planner has wholesale contacts that will save us money on decor. Our planner has a florist contact who is amazing and will save us money on flowers.

Do you also, not really know what EXACTLY a wedding planner does?

A big thing is, naturally, by their experience, saving higher-end and lower budget engaged couples THOUSANDS of dollars by hiring them! Even a person having a luxury wedding may be getting custom & couture items and wants to know they are getting the best price for it—

Our 1 Elegant Event bride in the above testimonial says, their max budget was $20,000, and now it looks like they will be spending something like $16,000. We have heard many complaints about coordinators and planners not even looking at couples with a budget of less than $40,000 and budget shaming couples. Believe me, I dealt with my fair share of those people looking for our creative open minded coordinators who work with everyone, these couples, have been hurt by others, while just wanting someone experienced to help them, we do!

On the other end, we see higher end couples seeking a professional planner who can offer them exclusive items, and custom design, a personal experience, who can handle the ultimate private event experience details. Many planners do not have the connections or know how to find such exclusive options. 1 Elegant Event does!

The wedding industry is constantly changing, more and more people are realizing that there is a niche market for experienced planners to be versatile and able to help all levels of couples equally, who need help figuring out how to have their uniquely fabulous wedding. If you can find one of those kinds of vendors who work with all budgets high and low, JUMP on them — they will always be their to save the day! 

More 1 Elegant Event Couple Video Testimonials

We do have pictures of the below weddings,

and many other weddings not posted.

Feel free to ask to see them at your consultation

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Historic Holiday Inn, Downtown Mobile, Alabama

Brittney & Fredrick

Melissa & Lontae'

Herons Lake Country Club

Mobile, Alabama

Precious & Devon

Convention Center

Mobile, Alabama

1 Elegant Event Promo video, made by Channel 15 News! 

More Testimonials from our wonderful clients!

Testimonial from Leshunda and Terry

Capitol City Club

Montgomery, Alabama

Testimonial from Mother of Katherine and Chris

Testimonial from Amber & Michael

Orange Beach, Alabama

Beach Estate Wedding

Testimonial from the Chaney Wedding

Testimonial from Patrice and Vincent

Testimonial from Nina & James

Testimonial from Stacy & Richard

Testimonial Vanese & Matthew

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"Before meeting Cossie, I was quite against paying a wedding planner to organize our day. I thought it was an unneeded expense. After meeting her and seeing how honest she is and how much she wanted to create our perfect day.....