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Tips for Wedding Budget Stress

Posted by Cossie Crosswhite on November 8, 2011 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (0)

5 Ways to Beat Wedding Budget Stress November 7, 2011

Let’s face it—despite the endless decisions to be made and constant stress, wedding planning is FUN. That being said, sometimes paying for it all can weigh down a future bride and make the process less pleasurable. No matter what kind of budget you’re working with, big or small, there will likely always be something outside of your reach. The key is to know how much money you have to spend, and work with what you've got.

Here are some tips I try to keep in mind when my budget stress boils up:

1. Accept that you can’t have it all, but you’ll still get it all. Sound confusing? Here’s what I mean: No matter what your budget is, there will likely be some things you simply cannot afford (unless your last name is Kardashian). For example, I know that to stay within budget, we can only host an open bar for beer and wine, not hard alcohol. We also will likely forgo an engagement shoot in order to spend more money on a great photographer for the big day. Despite the lack of booze at our wedding and not having any engagement photos to post on Facebook, we still get it all.  Why? Because we’re getting married and spending the rest of our lives together! I can’t imagine that as we head back to the hotel after our dream wedding, either of us will be saying, “You know, I wish I could have had some scotch…”

2. Prioritize! The wedding budget will be less likely to cause massive anxiety if you know where you’d like the budget to go. Spend some time with your future hub and family members deciding what’s most important for your big day and budget accordingly. Your spending doesn't necessarily have to follow traditional wedding rules!

3. It’s okay if the budget changes…a little. Staying on budget can be a challenge, especially if it’s the first time that you’ve planned a large-scale event. You might budget $300 for cake before actually going to any tastings (when you'd likely realize that’s a little low). Let’s say that the cake actually ends up costing twice what you imagined. You’ll have to find a way to cut $300 from other areas of the wedding. Maybe this means no photo save-the-dates, or finding a DJ who charges slightly less than what you budgeted. As long as you aren’t spending significantly more than the amounts that you allotted for every vendor (DJ, cake, venue, photographer, etc.) then you should be able to recover. We’re smart ladies; we can make it work!

4. Anticipate unforeseen costs. I was extremely proud of the budget that Corey and I came up with. That is, until I realized we forgot to add some key components: We didn’t account for bridal party transportation, wedding bands or invitations (oops). Double-check your list and try to ensure that every item you'll need to pay for is reflected in your total sum. But be prepared to add some things down the line that you probably didn't anticipate in your original cost breakdown.

5. Be comfortable with the money being spent. You’re not going to be able to shake the stress of wedding costs if you’re literally breaking the bank. Can’t afford a $30,000 wedding? Then don’t have one! I know that some people take out loans to ensure their special day turns out just right, but in my opinion, the idea of a loan payment hovering over our heads as we begin our marriage is incredibly stressful. You can make your day personal and amazing no matter what your budget is; you just have to get crafty!


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2012 Top 10 Wedding Trends!

Posted by Cossie Crosswhite on August 19, 2011 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (1)

***2012 Wedding Trends***


 1.The Dress style for 2012 must have Pleating or Draping and some flowers if you like. You can go vintage or very modern with this style. As always the simple slick silhouette is still a classic with a beautiful sash  in a silk or beaded to match your style. Get inspiration from 2012 Designer Gowns from Monique Lhuillier, Oscar De La Renta, our favorite the Ms Vera Wang who recently put a line in “Davids Bridal”, Tara Keely, Carolina Herrera, Cymeline, and many others.

2. Part 2 Dress. The reception dress. It used to be for the over the top bride, but now it has become a must have especially with the younger bride who likes to party! Check out Ms Danielle Cicero's line of great options or take a risk and get a beaded cocktail dress in your wedding color to show off that great figure you paid that pre wedding trainer for!

3. The Engagement ring trend is always whatever the bride likes but a classic single stone in a variety of shapes (more popular the round or square stone) set in an antique style platinum or gold band. A groom can never go wrong when giving “a little blue box” Tiffany but a little secret between me and you, get more bang for your buck by getting a quality diamond at your local Costco or Sams warehouse store. Know one will ever know where you bought it all they will see is the “Big Bling”!

4. The Shoes! No one ever talks about the shoes in top wedding trends and I don’t know why! You wear them all day and if you choose a bad pair you feet will be SCREAMING all day. So Please splurge on some beautiful comfortable heels. This is not the day to try out wearing 6 inches if you never wore two inches. I would say 2-3inch heel should be the most heel worn that day. If you are against heels please at least try a kitten heel instead of flats. Even though your dress is long people will see your shoes. You may want to splurge on a wedding day pair of Christian Louboutin, Alexander Mc Queen, Manolo Blanik, Vera Wang or go try on shoes at Nordstroms or Macys. Also they don't have to be white so try a shoe the color of your wedding or something old something new something borrowed or buy some "Blue Shoes".  Whoever shoes you choose, pick some you will be able to smile in all day!

5. The Bridesmaids. This trend has stayed pretty steady for the past few years. Pick a common fabric and color and pick dresses of the same length but different styles depending on the body type and everyone should come out reasonably happy! Where this goes terribly wrong is when brides mix in printed dresses with solids, mix and match the dress length, or mix and match colors or all of the above. Brides try to have a style in mind and picked out before bringing the whole gang to the bridal shop, making it a more enjoyable experience.

6. The Details. Its all about the details. This is where you separate the good wedding planners from the best. There are so many ways to make this day personalized and detailed from monogrammed wedding runners, to gift baskets for all your out of town guest! Ask your planner how they can take your wedding to the next level with personalized details.

7. The Flowers. Rich Colors are all the rage for 2012. Of course the traditional classic white/cream wedding will always be an Elegant way to go, but if you want to shake things up a bit try some bold colors! Rich Purples, Blues, Golds, Wine Colors, but you say “I’m getting married in the summer?” What would be better than coming in a room full of bursting rich color in full bloom! Quick hint.... think ahead about what season your wedding is in and pick flowers and colors for your wedding that is in bloom for your day. Flowers in season will save you hundreds of dollars and know one would be the wiser!

8. The Cake. You can just about get any kind of cake you could every want these days. They may tell you there is a trend of cakes for that season, but really it comes down to what do you want your cake/s, cup cakes, or grooms cake to look and taste like! My suggestion is that you find a local baker and narrow it down to the best tasting cake then pick a style. It really is all about taste, most professional bakers can make beautiful cakes, but when it comes down to it it needs to be delicious!

9. The Groom. Dare I say it, I must, so the cummerbund is so out and vest or no vest are in! The rule is, if your wedding starts before 5 no bow tie, long tie and after 5 either or.

10. The After Party. Many bride and grooms are opting for a real club type party after the traditional wedding is over. Guest go change in to more of coctail/party attire and the once wedding room is changed into a more of an upsale lounge with a DJ and all around up beat feel!

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